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Come together, be creative, build consensus and move forward

Debra also teaches and leads yoga retreats around the world — with trips in recent years to Bali, South Africa, Mexico, Laos, India and Tibet. She loves sharing with others the holistic practices that have brought inspiration, joy and balance to her life.

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We can provide planning and facilitation for meetings, workshops and retreats from your conference room to beautiful settings in nature.

Our facilitation style allows groups to come together, stay on task, achieve a consensus and walk away with a feeling of pride and accomplishment.




Kathleen Piraino, Executive Director

Episcopal Impact Fund

Debra facilitated a few board and staff retreats for us during our strategic planning process and later when she led us through our rebranding. We appreciated her ability

to move us through a full agenda in a way that kept us relaxed, motivated and focused. Her process works!

What Our Clients Say

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